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Twin Sister

Long Island, NY


Song: Meet The Frownies

Length: 3:29


On a beautiful sunny day at the end of June Twin Sister made the trek to Philadelphia from their home in Long Island. The purpose: to record new music and video for Weathervane Music and WXPN's Shaking Through Series. That day, "Meet the Frownies", was recorded at Miner Street Recordings in less than 12 hours - an exhilarating Twin Sister record!

Recording with Twin Sister

The song started, as many do for the band, not entirely seriously. "Most of the time my favorite songs are the ones that are just jokes that we end up turning into a full blown song," says singer Andrea Estella. According to guitarist, Eric Cardona, the song purposefully "left a lot to be discovered the day of" the recording. Even so, their signature Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac thump (with a shot of Lynchian weirdness) shines brightly in the mix.

Twin Sister's Shaking Through episode marks the young band's first ever experience in a high-end recording studio, something their fans might not expect, given their clear home recording genius. Says Estella, "Making a song in two days is something we are NOT used to." "A helping hand is something bands don't always get..." added drummer Bryan Ujueta. "It just feels good. It feels like what you are doing is important to someone." Cardona chimed in, "I think that's a very great thing that [Shaking Through does]: to give young bands this opportunity. The day and a half that we spent working on this, we learned so much!"

In the past year, Twin Sister has been buzzing everywhere from Stereogum, to Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan and FADER. They are a unique young band, taking gigantic steps artistically, while carefully guarding their independence in a quickly changing music industry. This makes them, and previous recipients like Sharon Van Etten and Ben + Vesper perfect candidates for Shaking Through, the web series created to help kick-start sustainable careers in music.

Curator, Mark Schoneveld carried these sentiments into his decision to extended the opportunity to Twin Sister: "They are creating something very fresh. I love how deftly they do that... I love what they do, I want to see more of what they do. I want to see them succeed..."

Bonus Videos

Eric and Bryan discuss how "Meet the Frownies" was written.

A look at bassist Gabe D'Amico's other instrument.

Performance of "Other Side of Your Face" off the Color Your Life EP. Live at the Weathervane Music Benefit. May 22nd, 2010; AKA Music, Philadelphia, PA.

A look at the engineering techniques used to create the atmospherics in "Meet the Frownies"

A look at the recording techniques for capturing Drummer Bryan Ujueta's unique drumming style.


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Executive Producer

Andy Williams


Brian McTear
Peter English


Jon Low
Amy Morrissey


Andrea Estella
Eric Cardona
Gabe D'Amico
Dev Gupta
Bryan Ujueta

Director of Photography

Andrew David Watson


Bryan Baker
Peter English


Bryan Baker

Still Photography

Peter English