Curated By:

Sweet Lights

Philadelphia, PA

Brian McTear

Song: You Let Me Down

Length: 3:29


Could one person really have recorded this song in one day? Can't say we are surprised, after all Shai Halperin, the multi-instrumentalist who records under the name Sweet Lights is one of the most talented musicians we've ever met. But we couldn't keep this secret to ourselves. Have a look and listen to "You Let Me Down." We think you'll be blown away too.

Recording with Sweet Lights

"You Let Me Down" is an epic song. So epic, in fact, that discovering that the track stems from the hands and mind of one musician is absolutely flooring. And yet, that's precisely the case with Philadelphia-based Sweet Lights, whose sound Weathervane Music founder and session curator Brian McTear describes as "timelessly likeable."

Sweet Lights is the brain-child of Shai Halperin, previous lead singer and songwriter of Philadelphia phenoms The Capitol Years, as well as an early member of War on Drugs. Since 2010, he has been exclusively focused on Sweet Lights, recording songs in a D.I.Y. fashion right out of his home. Sweet Lights was selected for Shaking Through by Weathervane Music and Miner Street Recordings founder Brian McTear, marking his first session as curator since January 2010's Sharon Van Etten release.

"Sweet Lights, like all of Shai's music, always struck me as riding a fine line between being trudgy and heavy, and being spirited and poppy," McTear commented. "It's always been both very in the moment and very fun, but also kind of heavy and pounding. It's awesome music."

Sweet Lights recorded the song "You Let Me Down" over a weekend recording session at Philadelphia's Miner Street Recordings in late June. McTear produced the track using boutique tube microphones provided for Shaking Through by Studio Logic Sound and TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik.

Halperin commented that "Shaking Through is something you could watch if you want to see how a record end up on your ear buds. It doesn't just happen ...This is how records are made that people fall in love with." He added, "People usually don't see the process, and this pulls the curtain on that. It's sort of epic."

That word again.

Once you've checked out the episode, we recommend heading over to the Sweet Lights' Bandcamp, where you can hear the entire self-titled LP. And be sure to check-out the music videos for A Hundred Needle Pins and Are We Gonna Work It Out. You won't be disappointed!

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