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Family Band

Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Rossen

Song: Again

Length: 3:29


What happens when a band switches songs at the last minute? We've never had it happen before, but Family Band were up to the task. With Curator/Producer Daniel Rossen from Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles, they tackled arranging and recording 'Again' in one day. It was a difficult road at times. But the sparse, haunting track was well worth the effort.

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Recording with Family Band

Family Band's featured track, "Again," almost wasn't recorded for Shaking Through. Coming to Philadelphia with another song in mind, "Again" was selected after a group consensus that the session offered a great opportunity to bring the song to life. Although there was a tense moment when the new, unrehearsed song was chosen, the coolness of this melancholy track reveals no panic or tension. "Again" is a beautiful song that is characteristic of Family Band's stunning, multifaceted sound.

Family Band is husband-wife duo Kim Krans and Jonny Ollsin with family friend Scott Hirsch. Kim, the band's vocalist, is a visual artist and writer of the group's raw, sensual songs; Jonny, the group's guitarist, has an unusual, tempered, heavy metal background; and lap steel and bass player Scott plays in a style reminiscent of Americana music.

One of the things that stood out to us was their ability to create a powerful mood and tone to their music. According to Kim, "there has to be a place that the songs happen for me to get really excited. Not specific, but when a person is listening, they think, 'I sense that this is at night, it's cold.' You can sense a place in a cinematic way. Coming from a visual art-making background, that's my favorite thing to create with sound."

Family Band recorded the song "Again" over a weekend recording session at Philadelphia's Miner Street Recordings in July 2011. The track was produced using boutique tube microphones provided for Shaking Through by Studio Logic Sound and TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik.

This session was curated and produced by Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles, marking his first time producing another band's material in a high-end studio. Speaking of Shaking Through, Rossen said, "It's interesting to see a portrait of an artist that you really respect in this phase of their career. You're seeing them in this fluctuating state where they haven't really had much experience working in this scenario. You're watching them working out ideas ... That's amazing."

As summer comes to an end, Family Band's beautifully crafted song feels perfect for the onset of fall. For more Family Band, visit their website. There, you can hear their 2010 full-length album, Miller Path, as well as their EP Cold Songs.

Bonus Videos

Watch Kim record the scratch take for 'Again.'

"We're halfway through the day and all we have is an out of tune scratch guitar and vocal, a minimal bass synth and a bunch of guitar tracks we don't know what to do with..."

This one caused us some trouble. See how the production team tackled perhaps our more challenging episode yet.


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Peter English

Executive Producer

Andy Williams
Jenn Gross


Brian McTear
Peter English


Jon Low


Kim Krans
Jonny Ollsin
Scott Hirsch

Director of Photography

Phil Bradshaw


Peter English
Larry DeMark


Mike Morse

Still Photography

Peter English

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