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Big Troubles

Ridgewood, NJ

Pelly Twins

Song: Phantom

Length: 3:29


We hope you like BIG guitars, because there's even more bigness to Big Troubles than their name suggests. A penchant for mischief aside, these guys can rock AND have a great time doing it. Running a mile a minute they barreled through their new track 'Phantom,' the first song they've ever tracked in a real studio.

Recording with Big Troubles

Alex, Ian, Sam and Luca arrived the night of March 4. The next two days would prove to be an amazing first recording experience in a high-end studio. Their song, "Phantom," was the first full band recording since the album, Worry.

To Jenn and Liz Pelly, the twin sister co-authors of PellyTwins.blogspot.com, Big Troubles seemed the perfect band for this opportunity. "When they sent us the demo, we loved the song but it was almost like listening to it through a tube or behind a wall," says Jenn. "It was awesome yesterday to be in the studio and finally hear that wall knocked down."

"Having a team like this to help out bands who maybe don't have some label to throw money at them is awesome" says Alex Craig, the songwriter and frontman for the song. And for Big Troubles, it was a perfect rehearsal for the making of their next record, which began days later with the legendary Southern producer, Mitch Easter (Pavement, REM).
"It's great to make a recording that gets back to the basics - drums, bass, guitar and vocals. All we had to do was make it massive!" says Producer and Weathervane Co-Founder, Brian McTear, "And the Pelly's, with their superb taste and consummate energy, really helped elevate the role of the curator in Shaking Through. For that we'll be eternally grateful."

Says Liz Pelly, "I think what we really like the most about the Shaking Through series, is the depth that it goes into, in terms of the process of creating one track. The music media/online media landscape kind of needs some longer form narrative content where people are actually spending time to look at the actual process of making music. Not just throwing out tracks and quick write ups."

Big Troubles will release "Phantom" as the B-side to the first single on their fall 2011 album, which will be licensed and released by Slumberland Records.


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Peter English

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Andy Williams


Brian McTear
Peter English


Jon Low


Alex Craig
Ian Drennan
Sam Franklin
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